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Servicing South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Coastal Security offers custom security solutions for your community or private venue. Whether it’s a fixed post-uniformed guard or a roaming patrol vehicle, we can provide exactly what you're looking for with your security needs. 


Coastal Security utilizes a realtime reporting feature that allows our clients to receive reports written at their site instantly through a web login.  All officers are trained and assiged mobile devices, which they use for reporting,  Our dispatchers are able to monitor location and reports with officers in the field



We'll build custom reports to fit your sites needs.

  • Incident Reports

  • Accident Reports 

  • Discrepency Reports 

  • Light Pole Reports

  • Vehicle Citations

  • House Checks

  • Alarm Reports

  • Maintenance Issues

Using NFC Technology, Coastal Security will create a custom patrol route with checkpoints that can be scanned and recorded in real time. This ensures that our officers are patrolling and staying visible on your location. 

Services Offered

-Fire watch Services                              -Equipment and Asset Protection                           -Residential Security

-Special Events                                       -Mobile Security Patrols                                           -Commercial Security

-Places of Worship                                 -Office Building Security                                          -Retail Security

-Industrial Security                                 -Construction Site                                                     -Disaster Response Security

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