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Private Investigation

Trust us to take care of your investigative needs 

Since 2008, Coastal Investigations has offered private, legal investigations to provide clients with first-class investigative results in the State of South Carolina.  Our attention to detail and commitment to obtaining positive, professional results on each case differentiates us from other private investigation companies.


Coastal Investigations can bring the best possible outcome to your investigation because of the experience, pride and dedication of our investigators. All work is performed discreetly, confidentially and delivered in a timely fashion. Whether you have never used the services of a private investigator or you are someone in insurance, law or business, we provide both a personal and professional touch that ensures your privacy and that your needs are served.


Our Lead Private Investigator at Coastal Investigations, Inc recently retired after a 21 year career in Law Enforcement, where they served as a detective/investigator. They spent the last five years of their career as a Special Federal Officer assigned to two FBI task forces. These task force assignments involved lengthy and complex investigative work.  



FUll list of Services

  • Background Checks – All Types

  • Asset Searches

  • Process Service

  • Drivers License/Vehicle Search 

  • Criminal and Civil Records

  • Life and Health Claim Services

  • Alive and Well

  • Vehicle GPS Tracking

  • Surveillance

  • Smartphone Forensics

  • Computer Scan & Analysis 

  • Undercover Operations

  • Photography – Videography

  • Workers’ Compensation Claims

  • Marital and Domestic Surveillance

  • Courtroom Testimony

  • Household Member Search

  • Field Claim Investigations

  • Social Networking Searches

  • Activity Checks

  • Insurance Claim Investigation

  • Child Custody

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